As reported by the Laker Pioneer,

“There have long been rumors of strange creatures lurking in the murky depths of Lake Minnetonka, but there has been little to substantiate the lore…until now. On Oct. 26, about 40 people gathered in the Pike Room at Lord Fletcher’s for the first public screening of “Mikinaak,” a documentary-style pilot shot over the summer on Lake Minnetonka. The 28-minute film is envisioned as the first in a series that follows six locals as they hunt for a huge mysterious creature spotted on the lake.”

Searching for the Mikinaak on Lake Minnetonka

A small but resourceful group of friends searches for a massive, unknown animal that’s roaming the waters of Minnesota. Rivalries soon emerge as some try to hunt and kill it, while others attempt to save it.

Meet Captain Dan,

Cast member on Searching for the Mikinaak.

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